Your datacenter inventory available in a construction kit

CabDoc provides you with all connection-relevant components via system libraries. If a desired component is not available, it will be immediately added to the library upon request.

Hardware documentation
with system

Fast inventory without additional costs

The products are sorted by manufacturer and contain all connectable components. The modular design of the components provided by the manufacturer is taken into account for generation of the devices. The component library currently comprises approx. 22,000 components and is constantly being expanded. Updating the library is on a daily basis and makes sure the instant access on needed devices. The cretion of the components is free of charge for the user as partially service of a software maintenance contract.

Here an example:


Details of devices

Appearance and data

The CabDoc library describes following items of the components and modules

  •      Front view
  •      Rear view
  •      Slots with designation / numbering
  •      Ports of all connector types
  •      Port names
  •      Dimensions (height, width, depth)
  •      Weight
  •      Maximum power consumption

Currently the CabDoc component library contains devices from about 500 manufacturers.

  •      Components active (servers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.)
  •      Passive components (patch panel, junction boxes, etc.)
  •      Mainframe
  •      Storage systems
  •      Control technology
  •      Radio and data radio
  •      Devices power supply (PDUs, UPS, subdistribution, junction boxes, etc.)