• Transparency in DC

    Cable routes at a glance

    Planning, documenting, evaluating - correct on the port. Map your data center, manage your resources in area, in rack position and in energy and build up the base for consumption-based billing.
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  • Orientierung in der

    Netzbetrieb vom zentralen CabDoc-Schaltstand

    Setzen Sie Ihre Netztopologie im grafischen Netzwerkinformationssystem CabDoc um und halten Redundanzen und Schaltaufträge bis zu ihrer Ausführung im Blick.

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  • Keep track on telekommunication

    VOIP or analog - telephone system with infrastructure

    Whether RJ or 2-wire - CabDoc knows extension numbers and their cable routes.

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Network documentation
innovative & fast

Cable management inventory and DCIM

Using CabDoc will make your workplace to control room and keeps you at height of event concerning all subjects of your network.

Plan changes at your desktop, call order data via remote device and quit orders via your Smartphone.

CabDoc administers the processing of orders and keeps your network documentation up to date.

CabDoc - Cablel management, DCIM-Tool and LAN/WAN network documentation system - transparency of layer 1 and your facilities.