in CabDoc

You determine data content, output and page format and create reports using the companys own CI.

Table content and grafical content correspond in the CabDoc and can be called up via interaction in the tables to support the user via mouse actions. Graphics and tables can be output via the form generator of CabDoc. Tabular information is generally easy to export via the CSV format.

CabDoc provides an integrated form generator which enables the creation of specific forms tailored to the customer. These forms can be retrieved by the customer on their own or through Zetema's customer support and exported from CabDoc in popular formats (PDF, DOCX, XLSX, HTML).

All tabular views are individually configurable. Display, size, and sort order are kept specific to each CabDoc user.



With the CabDoc own report generator, you can create listings that match the workflows of your company with meaningful grafics.

Aggregated data - statistically evaluated - displayed
according to your corporate identity.
Use existing standard reports or generate user-specific reports.